The November/December issue of BRITAIN is here!

Welcome to the November/December issue of BRITAIN! Here’s what to expect from our new issue…

The days are getting colder, but this issue comes with a dose of good cheer to warm up your autumn and winter. With the new season of All Creatures Great and Small approaching – the ultimate winter comfort-watch – our editor visited the beautiful Yorkshire Dales to see the locations of the hit show for herself, and found a timeless landscape of rolling hills, stone-built villages and curly-horned sheep.  

We discover how our resourceful forebears not only survived but thrived through some of the harshest cold spells ever recorded in Britain’s Little Ice Age. And, what better accompaniment to winter activities than a steaming mug of hot chocolate? We unwrap the curious history of England’s chocolate-making heritage. 

Plus, we visit the two ‘Crooked Men’ who live in the 600-year-old Crooked House in Lavenham Suffolk, to hear about life in a very unique medieval home.

And, you could be in with a chance of winning a two-night stay in a historic Yorkshire inn!

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A taste of the issue

Yorkshire Dales: From sleepy villages to historic castles

Yorkshire Dales
Bolton Castle in the Yorkshire Dales. Credit: DV TRAVEL/Alamy

We take a tour with local expert to discover the highlights of the Yorkshire Dales, from sleepy villages to historic castles, in one day…

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The Little Ice Age in Britain: Winter warmers

little ice age
A snowy Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, Dorset. Credit: Guy Edwardes/AWL Images

During the Little Ice Age Britain’s cold winters were a time of hardship, but our resourceful forebears found ways to make the best of the icy conditions.

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The history of Cadbury’s chocolate

cadbury's chocolate
A Bournville Birmingham Cadbury Dairy Milk advert. Credit: Tony Smith / Alamy

Founded by kind-hearted Victorians, and the inspiration for one of Roald Dahl’s most famous books, how did Cadbury’s become Britain’s best-loved chocolate brand? We explore the history of Cadbury’s chocolate here…

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The Crooked House: A day with the Crooked Men

The crooked house
The Crooked Men and the Crooked House. Credit: Simon Buck

We meet the two ‘Crooked Men’ who live in the 600-year-old Crooked House in Lavenham, Suffolk and host tours and experiences in their medieval home.

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Win a cosy stay in a historic Yorkshire inn

We’re offering you the chance to win a two-night stay at a cosy and historic inn in beautiful Yorkshire.

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