Herefordshire is a historic and ceremonial county in the heart of the West Midlands. Whatever land is not used for agriculture is populated with princely manor houses and crumbling dwellings steeped in history, such as Hellens Manor- one of the oldest properties in England, and Hampton Court, a grand castellated residence that sits quietly in the countryside (rather than the royal palace in London).

Ludlow English Song Weekend

Book your tickets now for a wonderful weekend of song and celebration in one of England’s prettiest small towns

Herefordshire Food Week

Head to Herefordshire’s Food Week between between August 13 and 21 for tempting locally-grown produce. 25 producers around the county will open their doors to the public for demonstrations, sampling and guided tours.

Hereford Orchard

RHS celebrate Herefordshire a€™s Year of The Orchard

Herefordshire’s orchards have been a way of life for over two centuries. At the forefront of Britain’s orchard horticulture, they are an intrinsic part of the counties treasured past, landscape and community.