Castles you can stay in: book a room in a British castle

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Skibo Castle, Firth

From romantic four-posters to haunted turrets, spending a night in a British castle is a magical experience. Here are some of the best castles you can stay in…

Have you ever dreamed of a night in your very own fairytale castle? Well you’re in luck: we bring you some of our favourite castles you can stay in.

Amberley Castle, Sussex | castles you can stay in | stay in a British castle
Amberley Castle has been providing overnight stays for decades

Amberley Castle, Sussex

One of the country’s oldest castles, Amberley is just an hour’s drive from London. Situated in a picturesque South Downs village, this 900-year-old castle has been providing stays for decades.

With four-poster beds, log fires and panoramics of the surrounding marshes and moat – what more could you ask for?

Thornbury Castle, Gloucestershire | Castles you can stay in | Stay in a British castle
Follow in Henry VIII’s footsteps at Thornbury Castle

Thornbury Castle, Gloucestershire

Cross the country to near Bristol and where you can live out the medieval fantasy at Thornbury Castle. Past guests at this sumptuous Tudor fortress with crenulated walls include King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

Ruthin Castle, Denbighshire | Castles you can stay in | Stay in a British castle
Ruthin Castle hosts medieval banquets and there is also a spa

Ruthin Castle, Denbighshire

Slip over the border into Wales and you’ll find Ruthin Castle, a retreat surrounded by a vast estate. Ruthin was built in the late 13th century for King Edward I of England by Dafydd ap Gruffydd. Gruffydd was later able to enjoy his labours when he became Prince of Wales and the castle was returned to him. In 2004, Ruthin Castle was purchased by Anthony and Amanda Saint Claire. The couple have transformed Ruthin into a luxurious hotel. Guests can enjoy lively medieval banquets and a range of relaxing spa treatments.

Tulloch castle, Dingwall | Castles you can stay in | Stay in a British castle
Tulloch Castle, Scottish Highlands

Tulloch Castle, Dingwall

Further north, Scotland is home to many legendary castles. One of the most renowned of Scotland’s castle is 12th-century Tulloch Castle. Tulloch Castle, in the hamlet of Dingwall, overlooks the Scottish Highlands and is just a short drive from Inverness. Inside you’ll find centuries-old wood-panelled rooms, deep crimson wallpaper, and stained glass windows.

Skibo castle, Firth, Scotland | Castles you can stay in | Stay in a British castle | Scottish castles
Skibo Castle, Firth

Skibo Castle, Firth

Finally you might prefer to follow in the footsteps of pop royalty at the gorgeous Skibo Castle. Though there was a castle at Skibo as early as 1211, the current 19th-century design is the work of wealthy industrialist Andrew Carnegie.

Members of high society, from Rudyard Kipling to King Edward VII, have all paid visits to Skibo Castle. However, Skibo’s most recent claim to fame came when pop star Madonna married film director Guy Ritchie here in 2000. 

With such a rich variety of castles you can stay in, the only thing you have to do is choose which one is right for you. Whether you decide on a Tudor fortress or a celebrity château, a castle stay is guaranteed to give you a right royal treat.