Autumn in Britain: the 10 best places to see stunning autumn colours

Celebrate autumn in Britain with a visit to these beautiful places where the season’s beautiful browns and blazing reds, vibrant oranges and golden yellows create an incredible landscape of colour…

The best places to see autumn in Britain

autumn in britain
Felbrigg Hall. Credit: National Trust/Jemma Finch

1 Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk

The Great Wood at Felbrigg, with its eye-catching autumn foliage, is quite the spectacle and possibly one of Norfolk’s best kept secrets. Walk down tree-lined avenues, where the magnificent trees tower above, creating tunnels of colour. Even the narrow winding lane aptly named ‘Lion’s Mouth’ surely hints at the colourful treat that awaits you.

autumn in Britain
Bickling. Credit: National Trust/Justin Minns

2 Blickling Hall, Blickling, Norfolk

The dazzling displays of the colours of autumn in Britain are abundant throughout the gardens and estate at Blickling. Enjoy a walk around the lake for perfect reflections of the colours in the water and watch out for barn owls, seen regularly hunting for food across the park.

autumn in Britain
Stourhead. Credit: Allan King

3 Stourhead, Wiltshire

Stourhead is one of the world’s finest landscape gardens and in autumn you can see vistas highlighted with burnished leaves and rusty colour palettes. With a lake at its centre, the garden is planned with temples and follies and a planting scheme which allows the colours to wash through the landscape of a six- to eight-week period.

autumn in Britain
Ham House and Garden, Surrey. Credit: National Trust Images/Arnhel de Serra

4 Ham House, Richmond-upon-Thames, Surrey

The colours of autumn in Britain abound at Ham House with reds, golds and browns aplenty. Come and see the colours turning along our avenues and inside the gardens. Discover more about the garden on a garden history or kitchen garden tour, or learn more about the surrounding landscape on a historic scenic walk.

autumn in Britain
Emmetts Garden Credit: NTPL/David Sellman

5 Emmetts Garden, Sevenoaks, Kent

Enjoy a dazzling display of autumn colour at Emmetts Garden as you wander through a landscape glittering with oranges and reds. Autumn is a spectacular time of year to go for a walk in the woods. Enjoy the crunching of golden leaves underfoot, discover shiny conkers and take in the fresh air. The changing of colours in the trees is not to be missed.

autumn in Britain
The lake at Sizergh Castle, Cumbria. Credit: NTPL/Val Corbett

6 Sizergh, Cumbria

Sizergh gardens are definitely worth a visit in the autumn as the seasons turn slowly towards harvest and fruitfulness. In the orchard, see the harvesting of apples, quince and Westmoreland damsons, which visitors can taste.

Lyme. Credit: National Trust Images/Arnhel de Serra

7 Lyme, Stockport

A glorious house, surrounded by gardens, moorland and deer park, the woods at Lyme are ablaze with autumn colour, and the yellows and browns of the surrounding moorland landscape stretch away to distant horizons, speckled with red deer.

autumn in Britain
Allen Banks. Credit: National Trust Images/David Sellman

8 Allen Banks, Northumberland

The views over Grasmere are awash with autumn colour and there’s no better place to enyoy them than from the window of Allan Bank. Sit by a warm fire with a cup of tea, a cozy space from which to admire the transition of the seasons.

Fountains Abbey
Fountains Abbey. Credit: National Trust Images/Chris Lacey

9 Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal Water Garden, Fountains, Yorkshire

A Cistercian abbey, elegant Georgian water garden and medieval deer park, this is the perfect place to take a walk from the abbey ruins towards the water garden to see the trees really putting on a show as summer turns into autumn. Wander along the high ride path to the surprise view for breathtaking views and take in the Temple of Piety as it becomes surrounded by auburn beech trees and golden horse chestnuts.

autumn in Britain
Bodnant. Credit: National Trust Images/John Mill

10 Bodnant Garden, north Wales

This historic 80-acre garden is home to hundreds of native and exotic trees which light up with leaf colour, berry and fruit in autumn. Take your own tree trail or join a guided walk to discover many UK Champion Trees, towering conifers from America and broad leaved acers and cherries from Asia. Enjoy rose terraces, herbaceous beds and shrub borders bursting with colour too.

For opening times and other visitor information, visit the National Trust website.

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