The Palace of Westminster

The Palace of Westminster. Credit: Andy Bailey

A guided tour of the magnificent Palace of Westminster is your chance to see inside one of London’s most iconic and recognisable buildings

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Looking for something truly memorable to do in London? Visit the iconic Palace of Westminster and see inside one of the world’s most famous buildings, home to the UK Parliament.

The beautiful ceiling of the central lobby, inside the Palace of Westminster. Credit: Catherine Bebbington

Depending on availability, you can join a group tour with an expert guide or book an audio guided tour. The audio tour is available in 10 languages and is a perfect option for those wanting to explore at their own pace. For visitors with young families, there is a version aimed at children up to 11 which includes interactive games and fun facts.

Whichever tour you choose, you’ll discover fascinating information about the history, art, architecture and work of the UK Parliament.

The Palace contains world-famous spaces including Westminster Hall, built in the year 1097 and the site of Guy Fawkes’ trial and the lying-in-state of Queen Elizabeth II. You’ll also see the House of Commons and House of Lords debating chambers and learn more about how UK laws are made.

A tour inside Parliament. Credit: Roger Harris Photography

Tickets are available to book most Saturdays and weekdays during parliamentary recesses. If the Houses are sitting, there is the opportunity to watch debates taking place from the public viewing galleries. During Easter and Summer 2024, you may also be lucky enough to secure a ticket to see Speaker’s House – a hidden gem inside the Palace of Westminster where the Speaker of the House of Commons lives and conducts business.

Though it’s a working building first and foremost, the Palace of Westminster is fully kitted out for day visitors. Finish off your trip browsing gifts and souvenirs at the Jubilee Shop, and enjoy some refreshments in the Jubilee Café. Don’t forget to glance up at Big Ben while you’re there — it’s looking particularly shiny and spectacular after a recent six-year renovation project.

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