Find out how much you know about WWII

Check how well you fared in this quick survey put together by YouGov about the Second World War

D-day Normandy

Here are the answers, which you can check against those gathered in the survey. See how much you know:

The D-Day landings of 1944 took place in Germany


83% correct     8% incorrect    10% don’t know

Adolf Hitler was shot dead by the Allies at the end of the Second World War


83% correct     6% incorrect    12% don’t know

Italy changed sides during the Second World War


48% correct     27% incorrect  25% don’t know

Germany’s invasion of France sparked the outbreak of the Second World War


69% correct     19% incorrect    12% don’t know

The attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941 took America into the Second World War


84% correct     7% incorrect    9% don’t know

Japan was on the side of the Allies in the Second World War


79% correct     8% incorrect    14% don’t know

Vladimir Lenin was the leader of the USSR (ie the Soviet Union) during the Second World War


49% correct     24% incorrect    27% don’t know

General Eisenhower was the Supreme Allied Commander of the D-Day landings


61% correct     10% incorrect    29% don’t know

The Russians seized Berlin in 1945


56% correct     19% incorrect    26% don’t know

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