National Poetry Day 2018

It's National Poetry Day and we celebrate with five brilliant British poems Starting off with Fern Hill, a beautiful poem by Dylan Thomas, we celebrate National Poetry Day with excerpts from five British poems. Fern Hill...

10 Great British Quotes

Part of what makes Britain great is its wonderfully diverse people. Here, we round up quotes from writers who have captured the nation and its spirit perfectly.
Alice in Wonderland. Credit: Istock

BRITAIN’s top 10 Lewis Carroll quotes

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass are more than just children’s stories, they are also full of philosophy and truisms.
Jane Austen, portrait

BRITAIN’s top 10 Jane Austen quotes

Here, we gather her greatest pearls of romantic wisdom from one of Britain’s best-loved writers. Here are our favourite Jane Austen quotes.
Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria

"I delight in Buckingham Palace"

Sir Harold Boulton

“When Adam and Eve were dispossessed, Of the garden hard by Heaven, They planted another one down in the West, ‘Twas Devon… glorious Devon!”

George Mikes

"An Englishman, even if he is alone, forms an orderly queue of one".
Napoleon Boneparte

Napoleon Bonaparte

"England is a nation of shopkeepers!"
William Shakespeare Thumbnail

William Shakespeare

"God for Harry! England and Saint George!"

Henry VIII

"Kings of England in times past never had any superior but God"
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