Royal Baby Quiz Answers

How did you do? Take a look at the answers below to find out.

Queen Victoria is our longest serving monarch. How many years did she serve for? 

–      61
–      62
–      63
–      64

Who designed The Queen’s wedding dress?

–       Vivienne Westwood
–       Christian Dior
–       Paul Smith
–       Norman Hartnell

What are The Queen’s racing colours? 

purple body with gold braiding, scarlet sleeves and black cap with gold fringe
– purple body, sleeves and cap with gold braiding on all
– scarlet body with gold braiding, purple sleeves, black cap with gold fringe
– scarlet body and sleeves with purple epaulets and a black cap

Where was Prince Charles educated?

–       Eton College
–       Harrow School
–       Gordonstoun
–       Radley College

As Princess Elizabeth, The Queen joined the war effort during WWII in the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service. What role did she have?

–       mechanic and truck driver
–       potato peeler
–       carpenter
–       cleaner

Which monarch was behind the English Reformation?

–       Elizabeth I
–       George V
–       Henry VIII
–       Edward II

What is the motto of British monarchs?

–       Dieu et mon droit (God and my right)
–       Semper Fidelis (always loyal)
–       Invicta (undefeated)
–       Chescun son devoir (everyone his duty)

What meal did Queen Victoria enjoy regularly on Sundays when she was in Osborne House, Isle of Wight?

–       roast beef
–       shepherd’s pie
–       calf’s legs
–       curry

How many portraits has The Queen sat for during her reign?

–       34
–       62
–       93
–       129

Which female royal started the trend for wearing a white wedding dress?

–       Elizabeth I
–       Queen Victoria
–       Elizabeth II
–       The Duchess of Cambridge

The Queen has owned more than 30 corgis during her reign. What was the name of her first, given to her on her 18th birthday in 1944?

–       Susan
–       Scarlett
–       Sophie
–       Saffron

Which female royal proposed to her husband?

–       Elizabeth I
–       Princess Margaret
–       Queen Victoria
–       Zara Phillips

Which of Henry VIII’s wives was Elizabeth I’s mother?

–       Jane Seymour
–       Catherine Parr
–       Anne Boleyn
–       Anne of Cleves

Which monarch once escaped their enemy by hiding in an oak tree? 

–       Charles I
–       Charles II
–       Henry VIII
–       Henry V

Which of these British royals had/has a tattoo of a dragon on their forearm?

–       Prince Charles
–       George V
–       Prince Harry
–       The Duke of Edinburgh

Which creature does The Queen like to catch at Balmoral, with the aid of a footman and a long pole with a net on the end?

–       bees
–       butterflies
–       barn owls
–       bats

Where was Prince Philip born?

–       on a kitchen table in Corfu
–       in the back of a car in London
–       in a hotel in Athens
–       in hospital in Edinburgh

Who was the first British royal to send an email?

–       Elizabeth II
–       Prince William
–       Prince Charles
–       Princess Beatrice

What was the name of Princess Margaret’s dachshund, which mated with one of The Queen’s corgis to produce a new breed – the ‘dorgi’?

–       Pumpkin
–       Pipkin
–       Puck
–       Huckleberry

Which royal has won an Olympic medal?

–       Zara Phillips
–       Princess Royal Princess Anne
–       Prince Harry
–       Peter Phillips

What was the name of Prince William and Prince Harry’s nanny? 

–       Twiggy
–       Tigger
–       Tilly
–       Tiggy


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