Can you guess the name of the royal baby?

To celebrate our Royal babies feature in the upcoming issue of BRITAIN, we want to know what name you think will be bestowed upon the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s bundle of joy when it joins one of the world’s most famous families in July 2013


Picking the perfect name can be a challenging feat for most parents, let alone when your newborn is heir to throne.  Will William and Kate opt for a traditional name this summer or will they surprise the nation and take a more modern route?

Share your guess with us in the form below and you could win a copy of the DVD, Britain’s Royal Children of the 20th Century, courtesy of our friends at Pathé Collection.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, here are some stats from the past, detailing the most popular baby names 100 years ago and also in 2012.

Could we have a Princess Doris on our hands? Only time will tell!

Top 10 baby names 100 years ago (UK)

Boys Girls
1. William Mary
2. John Elizabeth
3. George Margaret
4. Thomas Doris
5. James Florence
6. Arthur Annie
7. Frederick Dorothy
8. Charles Alice
9. Albert Edith
10. Henry Elsie

Top 10 baby names 100 years ago (US)

Boys Girls
1. John Mary
2. William Helen
3. James Dorothy
4. Robert Margaret
5. Joseph Ruth
6. George Mildred
7. Charles Anna
8. Edward Elizabeth
9. Frank Frances
10. Thomas Marie

Top 10 baby in 2012 (UK)

Boys Girls
1. Harry Amelia
2. Jack Lily
3. Oliver Emily
4. Charlie Sophia
5. James Isabelle
6. George Sophie
7. Thomas Olivia
8. Ethan Jessica
9. Jacob Chloe
10. William Mia

Top 10 baby in 2012 (US)

Boys Girls
1. Aiden Sophia
2. Jackson Emma
3. Ethan Olivia
4. Liam Isabella
5. Mason Ava
6. Noah Lily
7. Lucas Zoe
8. Jacob Chloe
9. Jayden Mia
10. Jack Madison