Scotland Quiz Answers

Think you were up to the task? Take a Look at the correct answers below…

1. In Scottish dialect, if you’re mauchit, what do you look like?

Sad or maudlin
Dirty or muddy

2. What is The Queen’s official residence is Scotland?

Edinburgh Castle
Palace of Holyroodhouse
Linlithgow Palace
Balmoral Castle

3. The annual boat race between the universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh takes place on which river?
The Clyde
The Forth
The Spey
The Dee

4. Comically claimed to be the source of the famous Scottish delicacy, the wild haggis is said to have a peculiar trait. What is it?

They are afraid of water owing to their extremely porous skins
Their left and right legs are different lengths
They are able to grow spines all over their bodies
They are able to knock a man over when breaking wind

5. How would you say “with a silly look on his face” in Scottish dialect?

“wi’ a canny look oan his fankle”
“wi’ a besom look oan his drookit”
“wi’ a dreich look oan his wabbit”
“wi’ a glaikit look oan his fizzog”

6. Scotland’s best-known flag is the white and blue Saltire. But what is the name of its other, red and yellow, flag?

Lion’s Pride
Lion Rampant
Lion Immortal
Lion’s Wrath

7. The Scottish comedian Billy Connolly is popularly known as the ‘Big Yin’. What does this mean?

Big Heart
Big Hair
Big Mouth
Big One

8. Which of these is a poem by Robert Burns?

The Bonny Bagpipes
Blows the Wind Today
Address to a Haggis
Tim O’ Shinter

9. Which English monarch was William Wallace’s rival?

Henry II
Edward I
Isabella of France
Edward II

10. Scotland’s most famous street stretches from Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse. What is it called?

The Royal Mile
The Wallace Route
The Edinburgh Stretch
The Crown Path