“I deeply congratulate you for the 60 years of reign. Kindly accept my warm wishes all the way from Dubai. YOU ARE MY BEST INSPIRATION!!!”
Aamir Dilon, Dubai

“Happy birthday Queenie! Have a good’un.”
Abbie Hey-Smith, United Kingdom

“‎60 years doing it like a boss. Congrats.”
Abby Evans, United Kingdom

“I have always admired you and wondered why on earth you were never given the opportunity to run the country. So much more dignified, morally upstanding, wise and diplomatic than any of our ‘politicians’.”
Abby Bagnall, United Kingdom

Aboubakry Ndiaye, Senegal

“May God Bless Her Majesty with many more years.”
Adelene Tank, United States of America

“I am in awe of your energy, stamina, principles and beauty. Congratulations on your 60th Jubilee. I have visited on many occasions and love Britain. Thank you for being our Queen. Best wishes to you and the Royal Family for health, happiness and contentment.”
Adie, New Zealand


“Best and warm wishes from India… with love”

Adrian Abhirup, India


“Congratulations your Majesty on attaining your Diamond Jubilee reign as our Queen.”

Adrienne Haberfield JP, New Zealand


“As a fan of the Royal family I wish my heartiest greetings to her royal highness on Diamond Jubilee celebration.”

Aftab Uddin, Bangladesh


“Congratulations your Majesty!”

Agatha Mak,



A’GATHA HENRY, Kentucky, United States of America


“Your devoted service to the country and her peoples is an inspiration. Thank you.”

Alan Miles, United Kingdom


“It is with great pleasure and honour to wish you congratulations on your 60 year reign and my wish for many more years to come.”

Alan Wybrow, canada


“To Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. I would like to send you my best wishes on the anniversary of your 60th year as our reigning monarch. I well remember the day as a boy just 10 years old when we gathered in our community in Newfoundland and celebrated. May God continue to bless you as you continue to reign. Praying for you”

Albert Lush, Canada