The Camping and Caravanning Club’s top 5 places to visit in the UK

Whether you know Britain’s hills and heritage like the back of your hand, or you’re visiting for the very first time, there’s always a wealth of new places to explore and fresh experiences to discover.

Some of the biggest attractions take pride of place in major cities like London, Edinburgh and Birmingham, but many treasured historic landmarks are found in smaller towns and cities in unlikely locations right across the nation.

Take the 11th century Battle of Hastings, for instance. Although the historic figure William the Conqueror was crowned king in London, his most famous exploits happened in otherwise little-known towns on England’s south coast. You can follow in the famous king’s footsteps and see some of the battle-scarred forts that still exist today.

Here we list our ‘famous five’ attractions in the UK that are well worth a visit. All of these attractions are close to one or more Camping and Caravanning Club Sites, which is ideal for those who love to explore and spend quality time in the great outdoors.


1. Follow in the footsteps of William the Conqueror

South East England still bears the scars of William the Conqueror’s momentous 1066 invasion. From the would-be king’s landing in Pevensey to the decisive Battle of Hastings in East Sussex, you can trace William I’s Norman conquest and even see some of the castle ruins that still survive today.

Where to stay: Normans Bay Club Site or Folkestone Club Site

2. Uncover Canterbury’s gruesome history

A spectacular cathedral city packed with ancient history, heritage and culture, Canterbury is just a short drive from Dover ferry port and well worth a day’s visit. This compact city is home to Canterbury Cathedral – a magnificent landmark with a centuries-old crypt, a cavernous nave and a gruesome past (it was here that Archbishop Thomas Becket met his grisly end in 1170). Learn about Geoffrey Chaucer’s famous Canterbury Tales, explore Canterbury Castle, and visit World Heritage Sites including St Augustine’s Abbey and St Martins Church.

Where to stay: Canterbury Club Site

3. Marvel at Stonehenge

What could be impressive about a circle of large stones in the English countryside? Rudimentary it may seem but trust us, you have to see Stonehenge to believe it. The towering stones have a history spanning 4,500 years and represent masterful engineering – how did they get there? Why were they assembled in such a way? The structures are shrouded in mystery and make a fascinating visit, helped by a fantastic visitor centre and exhibition.

Where to stay: Salisbury Club Site

4. Visit the smallest city in the UK

Wales is perhaps best-known for its spectacular scenery, mountains, and its lovely coastlines. But did you know that Wales is also home to the smallest city in the UK? Perched on the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast, St David’s is a small yet mighty city that’s perfect for a short stay. Visit its impressive cathedral, explore the Oriel y Parc Gallery, follow the Pembrokeshire Coast Path and take a boat trip to Ramsey Island nature reserve.

Where to stay: St David’s Club Site

5. Investigate a very Scottish mystery

Scotland is famous for many things: Edinburgh Castle, William Wallace, the resplendent Highlands and of course, scotch. But no trip to this magnificent corner of the world is complete without visiting a very specific loch. The legendary Loch Ness is home to its very own monster, known fondly as Nessie, which has supposedly been trawling the deep waters of Loch Ness and frightening fishermen for decades. Loch Ness itself is a superb place to visit; at 23 miles long it’s picturesque and peaceful, surrounded by glorious walking routes and landmarks, including Urquhart Castle. Take a boat tour, sit back and enjoy the views… and keep a keen eye on the horizon. Just in case.

Where to stay: Loch Ness Shores Club Site

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