Olympics 2012

With glittering fireworks illuminating the skies at every opportunity and a buzz of excitement charging through the air, London promises to host one of the most spectacular Olympic games ever seen when the world’s finest athletes descend on the capital city this summer. It is estimated that a staggering 4 billion people worldwide will tune in to watch the fanfare of the opening ceremony, in anticipation of what could be London’s most important event to happen in this generation.

Looking forward to a royal baby

As the country prepares to celebrate the birth of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first child, we look back at four generations of Royal births.

London 2012 olympics

Twelve highlights of 2012!

A fresh new year is here so what better time to look back at what a wonderful 2012 we had. Here are our top 12 highlights of the year…

London 2012 Paralympics 2012 Victory Parade

Olympics and Paralympics victory parade route

Celebrate London 2012 and follow today’s parade, as Britain’s Olympians and Paralympians take to the streets of the capital

Flame Festival lights up Britain for Paralympics

Each of the four home nations of Britain have lit a celebration cauldron in preparation for the Paralympics 2012, which commences on Wednesday 29 August

The Paralympic Torch

Paralympic Torch Relay has begun!

Four Paralympic Torches have been ignited at the top of the highest peaks of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to welcome the arrival of next week’s Games

Landmarks of London 2012

As the sun sets on the greatest show on Earth, BRITAIN celebrates the iconic landmarks of London 2012

Home city style

See the closing ceremony in style with a stay at one of London’s top hotels

London 2012 Olympics Greg Rutherford

A week in gold for Team GB

The pathway to Olympic success has been paved with gold for Team GB. Here, we look back at BRITAIN’s favourite moments from the first week of London 2012…


Opening Ceremony photo gallery

The Industrial Revolution, Mary Poppins and the inventor of the World Wide Web…it could only be the London 2012 Opening Ceremony

London 2012 Olympics

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