Wales Millennium Centre’s all-female ‘Richard III’

Wales Millennium Centre to take on Shakespeare’s famed play Richard III with an all-female cast in an unconventional theatre space

The all-female cast of Wales Millennium Centre’s Richard III in action

In an interesting twist of which Shakespeare himself might approve, an all-female take on the Great Bard’s play Richard III is being put on at the Wales Millennium Centre until 23 February 2015.

The play will take place as part of the run up to WOW Caerdydd, a free festival taking place from 20-21 March 2015, in collaboration with the Southbank Centre and the Women of the World festival, and in celebration of International World Women’s Day.

Though small-scale, the play is an exciting event for Wales Millennium Centre and the production will use the Centre’s roof void under the Centre’s massive bronze canopy as an performance space for the first ever time, in what is seen as the perfect unconventional setting to push the boundaries of preconceptions about Shakespeare.

While there is of course strong history in the UK of men playing women, and all-male Shakespeare productions remain common place and acceptable, women playing men still remains very much in the minority. Historically, Shakespearean theatre often took the use of male actors to dizzying heights of confusion, with a male actor playing a female character dressed up as a male character.

Through adopting the unusual approach of presenting an all-female production, especially of a play often viewed as a vehicle for a male-star and which contains over forty male characters, this should be a unique and memorable production.

But which lucky lady will get the honour of playing the reviled, hunch-backed monarch?

Richard III, The Void, 10-23 Feb 2015, Tickets priced at £12, preview £9

For more information and to book tickets, please visit the wmc website or call the box office 029 2063 6464.

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