Royal Mail celebrates British prime ministers with new stamps


Winston Churchill, Charles Grey and Margaret Thatcher are among eight past leaders to feature on a new set of stamps to celebrate over 200 years of British prime ministers.


To celebrate over 200 years since the term ‘prime minister’ first came into common use, the Royal Mail has released a set of eight new stamps featuring images of some of our most memorable leaders.

Although Robert Walpole (1721–1742) is generally regarded as being the first British prime minister, the position did not become official until the term of William Pitt the Younger.

There have been 53 prime minsters in total throughout British history, here are the ones who made it on to the new stamps.

William-Pitt-the-younger. Credit Royal Mail

William Pitt the Younger, 1783–1801

Charles Grey credit Royal Mail
Charles Grey credit Royal Mail

Charles Grey, 1830–1834


Robert Peel, 1841–1846


William Gladstone, 1868–1874


Clement Atlee, 1945–1951


Winston Churchill, 1951–1955


Harold Wilson, 1974–1976


Margaret Thatcher, 1979–1990

Read our timeline of prime ministers of the 20th century.

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