Royal love seat of King Edward VIII sold at auction

Britain magazine

A seemingly unassuming sofa with a history of royal romance sold yesterday for over £4,000 at auction in Northamptonshire.

Britain magazine

A pink velvet sofa linked to the amorous activities of a certain royal sold at an auction yesterday for £4,200.

The sofa was owned by Lady Thelma Furness, the girlfriend of Edward, Prince of Wales, before he became King Edward VIII and later abdicated to be with his lover Wallis Simpson.

The sofa bears the scars of a scorned lover as it was cut down from a three-seater sofa to a two-seater when Lady Thelma learned of the relationship between the pair – she had introduced them during a party at her house in Burrough Court in Leicestershire in 1931.

Britain magazine

The sofa has now been brought by the current owners of Burrough Court. Northamptonshire auction house, JP Hambert Auctioneers, said: “It’s a very fitting end to the amazing story of this settee that it should be going home after 80 or so years.”

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