Last WW2 code-breaker from Bletchley Park has died

Britain magazine
Bletchley Park

Raymond “Jerry” Roberts – one of the last code breakers from the team at Bletchley Park – has died aged 93.

Britain magazine
Bletchley Park

One of the last team members of the top code-breaking team during the Second World War at the Buckinghamshire country house, Bletchley Park, has died.

Captain Roberts joined the team as a German linguist and their efforts at the British listening post helped to crack the German High Command’s Tunny code which made it possible to read messages from Hitler during the war.

The Tunny code was used to carry messages between Hitler and his top generals. The decryption provided the Allies with unparallelled intelligence during the war.

Efforts were said to have cut short the war by at least two years.

Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire was requisitioned in the Second World War and used as a place of work for over 12,000 people throughout the war.

Roberts received an MBE for his wartime efforts and is renowned for the campaigning he carried out for the recognition of his team.

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