Did your family fight at the Battle of Waterloo?

The search is on for Britons whose ancestors fought at Waterloo, on the 200th anniversary of Britain and its allies’ victory over Napoleon

Battle of Waterloo by William Sadler

In the 200th anniversary year of the momentous Battle of Waterloo, a search is being launched for any Britons whose ancestors fought in June 1815.

The campaign is part of a tide of events to commemorate this massive turning point in European history and is the first time research on this subject as been attempted.

It is believed that hundreds of thousands of people in the UK are estimated to have relatives who fought in June 1815 and so far 350 people have come forward to register the details of their ancestors.

James Morrow from the group Waterloo 200, which is running the events, said: “The momentum has picked up and we are thrilled that we are getting bombarded with people’s stories about their descendants.

“One of the very raw emotions I have discovered is the pride that people living today have shown when they are talking about their illustrious ancestor who fought on one of the bloodiest battlefields at that time.”

He also said that between one and two million people around the world are thought to be descended from those involved in the fighting.

Waterloo 200 says anyone in the UK or abroad who can show their family connection to the British, Allied or French armies will then be given the opportunity to apply for tickets to attend a commemoration service at St Paul’s Cathedral on the 200th anniversary.

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