Wolf Hall author Hilary Mantel visits Hever Castle

Dame Hilary Mantel has sadly passed away on September 23 2022. In her memory we look back at when the prize winning author of Wolf Hall visited Hever Castle, home of Anne Boleyn.

Dame Hilary Mantel, visited Hever Castle on Sunday 15th February 2015 to film promotional footage for Wolf Hall on Broadway.

Hilary met with Hever Castle Curator, Anna Spender, and chatted about Anne Boleyn’s relationship with Henry VIII and her time at the castle.

The pair discussed Anne’s love/hate relationship with Hever, being banished to the castle in her early twenties after her affair with Henry Percy. Later Anne sought refuge at Hever from the gossip surrounding her relationship with Henry VIII at court, and it provided a sanctuary to recover from the sweating sickness in 1528.


After meeting with the author, Anna said, “it was a pleasure to meet Hilary Mantel and spend some time discussing all things Tudor. It was an absolute delight to chat about the characters that have such large personalities in her books, and to share my passion for Hever Castle.”

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