Historic York in pictures

York Railway Station

A wonderful selection of photos of historic York

All the images are courtesy of Francis Frith and available to buy as prints by clicking the image.

Photo of York, the Castle, the Old Prison c1885, ref. 18493
Above: The Castle and the Old Prison, c.1885
Photo of York, Monk Bar c1955, ref. Y12044
Above: Photo of Monk Bar, c.1955
Photo of York, Clifton, St Peter's School 1909, ref. 61724
Above: Clifton, St Peter's School, Clifton, 1909
Photo of York, Coney Street 1909, ref. 61723
Above: Coney Street, 1909
Photo of York, the Railway Station 1909, ref. 61850
Above: York Railway Station, 1909

Photo of York, Cliffords Tower c1950, ref. Y12018

Above: Cliffords Tower, c1950
Photo of York, Barges on the Foss Navigation 1885, ref. 18494
Above: Barges on the Foss Navigation, 1885
Photo of York, Micklegate Bar 1886, ref. 18439
Above: Micklegate Bar, 1886
Photo of York, Bootham Bar & the Minster 1893, ref. 32032
Above: Bootham Bar & the Minster, 1893
Photo of York, the Shambles c1962, ref. Y12062
Above: The Shambles, c.1962
Photo of York, Minster c1890, ref. Y12501
Above: The Minster, c.1890
Photo of York, the Minster, Choir East 1921, ref. 70640
Above: The Minster, Choir East c.1890
Photo of York, Lendal Bridge 1909, ref. 61702
Above: Lendal Bridge, 1909
Photo of York, from City Walls 1885, ref. 18429
Above: York from the City Walls, 1885
Photo of York, Ancient Palace of Stuart Kings 1909, ref. 61720
Above: The Ancient Palace of Stuart Kings, 1909

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