Victorian London photo gallery

Victorian London Featured Image

A wonderful section of images of historic London, taken towards the end of the 19th century during Queen Victorian’s reign

All the images are courtesy of Francis Frith and available to buy as prints by clicking the image.

Photo of London, Westminster Bridge, Queen Victoria Jubilee Day 1897, ref. L130219
Above: Westminster Bridge, Queen Victoria Jubilee Day, 1897
Photo of London, Piccadilly Circus c1893, ref. L130002
Above: Piccadilly Circus, c.1893


Photo of London, Covent Garden 1900, ref. L130025
Above: Covent Garden, 1900


Photo of London, London Bridge 1890, ref. L130034
Above: London Bridge, 1890
Photo of London, Opening of Tower Bridge 1894, ref. L130019
Above: Opening of Tower Bridge, 1894
Photo of London, Regent Circus 1890, ref. L130004
Above: Regent Circus, 1890
Photo of London, A Hokey Pokey Stall, Greenwich 1884, ref. L130110
Above: A Hokey Pokey Stall, Greenwich, 1884
Photo of London, Trafalgar Square 1897, ref. L130009
Above: Trafalgar Square, 1897
Photo of London, Lambeth Riverside c1880, ref. L130120
Above: Lambeth Riverside, c. 1880
Photo of London, Albert Memorial 1897, ref. L130011
Above: Albert Memorial, 1897
Photo of London, the Strand 1890, ref. L130005
Above: The Strand, 1890
Photo of London, Houses of Parliament 1890, ref. L130162
Above: Houses of Parliament, 1890
Photo of London, Dancing Bear 1895, ref. L130108
Above: Dancing Bear, 1895
Photo of London, Crystal Palace c1890, ref. L130059
Above: Crystal Palace c. 1890
Photo of London, Westminster Abbey 1908, ref. L130150
Above: Westminster Abbey 1908
Photo of London, St Pancras Station c1886, ref. L130068
Above: St Pancras Station, c.1886
Photo of London, the Waterfront by St Paul's 1890, ref. L130017
Above: the waterfront by St Paul's, 1890
Photo of London, Old man on a barge c1900, ref. L130045
Above: Old man on a barge, c.1900
Photo of London, the Old Curiosity Shop c1875, ref. L130121
Above: the Old Curiosity Shop, c.1875
Photo of London, Italian Street Musicians 1877, ref. L130107
Above: Italian Street Musicians, 1877
Photo of London, Hyde Park 1890, ref. L130105
Above: Hyde Park, 1890

Photo of London, the Tower of London c1890, ref. L130172
Above: Tower of London, c.1890

Images reproduced courtesy of Francis Frith.