Romantic poet John Keats brought to life in historic garden

Head to Keat’s House in Hampstead, London to learn more about the great Romantic Poet and his love in a summer outdoor performance.


John Keats

KEATS’ HOUSE IN Hampstead, north London, will once again be brought to life this summer with a brand-new drama production about the life of its most famous residents: John Keats and his lover Fanny Brawne. Adapted from John Keats’ letters and poetry by James Veitch, Keats in Hampstead will provide a platform to appreciate the man, his work, his legacy and his loves. Performances take place Saturdays and Sundays, 17 July to 1 August 2010.

Pale Fire Productions, founded in 2004 by James Veitch, actor/director, takes you back to spring 1819 and brings to life Keats and Fanny Brawne in their own words on their own lawn. The letters Keats wrote to Brawne over the course of their relationship are some of the most famous (and saucy) love letters ever written. They were discovered after Brawne’s death in 1865 and caused a furor at the time.

Keats' House in Hampstead

The ticket price to the shows includes admission to the Keats House Museum which you can explore before or after the performance. There you can see Keats’ study, his bedroom and various treasures including the ring given to Brawne. Why not bring a picnic to enjoy in the garden? Tickets: £7 /£5. Keats House, Hampstead, London NW3 2RR. Box office: Tel: 0800 411 8881.