Extra chances to see Shakespeare’s Globe’s Henry IV

Shakespeare Henry-IV-Part-1

Don’t miss the extremely popular productions of Henry IV Parts 1 and 2 at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on London’s Bankside.

Sam Crane and Jamie Parker in Henry IV Part I

Henry IV Parts 1 and 2 at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on London’s Bankside has turned out to be so popular that the theatre is adding an extra eight performances, extending the season to Saturday 9 October. The theatre also plans to film Dominic Dromgoole’s productions of
the two parts of Henry IV
in high definition as part of its commitment to capture its work on film.

It’s the first time that Shakespeare’s national epic plays have been staged at the Globe. Roger Allam, who has been heralded as one of the greatest Falstaffs in recent history, is joined by a fine ensemble including Jamie Parker as Prince Hal, William Gaunt as Worcester in Part 1 and Shallow in Part 2, with Oliver Cotton in the title role of Henry IV.

Roger Allan as Falstaff (centre) in Henry IV Part 2

There are also plans to film Henry VIII and The Merry Wives of Windsor from its 2010 Kings and Rogues season. This filming gives the Globe’s archive the highest quality recording and also means it can go into cinemas, on DVD and, eventually, online.

Still to come, this season, is the premiere of Nell Leyshon’s new play Bedlam at the beginning of September. And why not visit the exhibition about the work and life of Shakespeare, or join a guided tour of the theatre? Further information at: www.shakespeares-globe.org.