Stunning photos of Snowdonia

Harlech Castle, Snowdonia, north Wales. Snowdonia National Park
The turrets of Harlech Castle, built by the English King Edward I during his invasion of Wales, look like a crenelated French fort. Credit: Peter Lewis/

Discover Snowdonia, the ancient heart of Wales – a land rich in myths and legends

The Snowdonia National Park takes its name from the tallest mountain in Britain outside Scotland – Snowdon. Formed by volcanoes and sculpted into a series of razor-sharp ridges by glaciation, Snowdon dominates the horizon at the north end of the park. But even at Snowdonia’s southernmost point, you are never far from a hill to climb or a dramatic valley to admire.

This is a mythical landscape; a bright green wilderness of ruined abbeys and old castles, of ancient slate bridges and low stonewalls that march almost vertically up hillsides. Many a Welsh prince is said to have retreated from enemies into Snowdonia’s mists, never to be seen again, and the landscape tells of battles between giants, and mysterious creatures hiding in lakes.

Click through these beautiful images of Snowdonia for a taste of what the region has to offer: