Philip Mould & Co unveil unprecedented John Smart collection

A new exhibition on prolific Georgian miniaturist John Smart to open at Philip Mould & Co art dealer

John Smart 'Portrait of Richard Twining' & 'A Lady, wearing a low-cut pearl-bordered yellow'.  Image Credit: Philip Mould & Co
John Smart ‘Portrait of Richard Twining’, and ‘A Lady, wearing a low-cut pearl-bordered yellow’.
Image Credit: Philip Mould & Co

Philip Mould & Co are about to unveil a unique collection of portrait miniatures by an artist widely regarded as the best miniaturist of the entire Georgian period – John Smart.

From 25 November 2014, this fascinating new exhibition, John Smart (1741-1811): A Genius Magnified, will offer the chance to peruse his painstakingly-detailed depictions of faces of Georgian mercantile society with their grand hairstyles and opulent Georgian fashions. Many of the 45 included pieces, collected over 30 years by a German collector, remain in their original cases surrounded by gemstones and diamonds.

John Smart - 'An Indian man ©Philip Mould & Co
John Smart – ‘An Indian man ©Philip Mould & Co

An entirely one-of-a-kind exhibition, it also features new research into Smart’s work and life conducted by the gallery, including evidence that Smart was originally a Londoner (though he has always been thought to hail from Suffolk). Smart was a prolific painter and contemporary of Turner, Gainsborough, and Constable, and during his working life portrayed numerous important 18th century figures, including Richard Twining of famous tea company Twinings (who is famed for bringing tea to the masses in Britain).

And not only will this be the first time they have been seen by the public, they will also be presented for sale – providing a rare opportunity for one lucky collector. And a valuable opportunity too, since this is the most comprehensive known collection of Smart’s works, which span his whole career throughout the 18th century.

‘John Smart: A Genius Magnified’, at Philip Mould & Company, 29 Dover Street, London, W1S 4NA.

25th November – 9th December, Opening Hours: 09.30-18.00, Monday- Friday. Free entrance.

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