Exclusive: Stunning photos of Arundel Castle

Queen Victoria’s bedroom, Arundel castle, West Sussex, British castles, castle interiors, Victorians
The bedroom where Queen Victoria stayed on her visit to Arundel Castle in 1846. Credit: Stephen Bennett Photography

Take a look at these beautiful photos of Arundel Castle, which show the true majesty of the West Sussex castle in its 950th year

Founded on Christmas Day 1067 by a kinsman of William the Conqueror, few photos of Arundel Castle have existed… until now.

Thanks to our exclusive photos you can now take a look around the Norman and medieval relics of Arundel Castle as well as its Victorian state rooms, famously overhauled for a visit by Queen Victoria herself.

For the full feature on the history of Arundel Castle see Volume 85, Issue 5 of BRITAIN (Sept/Oct 2017).

All photos taken by Stephen Bennett Photography.

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