The rich tapestry of Britain’s history is full of fascinating characters, imposing castles and literary heroes. From the Battle of Hastings in 1066 to the Battle of Britain, the Tudor period to the Victorian era, Shakespeare to Dickens, Britain has a unique heritage like no other. Much of this historical treasure trove has been preserved to inspire us today.

How to decorate your house like a stately home

From cabinets to couches, masterpieces created by Britain's greatest designers adorn the finest homes worldwide. But where did it all start?  According to Einstein, “a table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin,”...
Charles Rosher

On this day in history… 16 May

Who? What? Where? When? We present a few token dates for your historical diary, as we look back at the events of 16 May throughout the centuries 16 May 1568 Mary Queen of Scots was forced...

History of Sherlock Holmes

From his first literary appearance in 1887, the adventures of Sherlock Holmes have continued to compel and enchant audiences worldwide Related Articles Sherlock Holmes movie locations Sherlock Holmes places to visit Here, we document the development of Britain's most...

Anglo-Saxon British history timeline

The fascinating story of the Anglo-Saxons spans centuries, beginning at the withdrawal of Rome’s legions and ending with the turbulent Norman Conquest.. Related Articles Anglo-Saxon Britain A guide to Anglo-Saxon architecture Here, we map the significance of the...
Peter on the wall Saxon Architecture

A guide to Anglo-Saxon architecture

From intriguing settlements, abundant with archaeological treasures to crumbling church steeples, discover the finest examples of Anglo-Saxon architecture . Related Articles Anglo-Saxon Britain The History of the Anglo-Saxons The Anglo-Saxons used what was at their disposal, building largely...
David Starkey

Anglo-Saxon Britain

We travel back to the period after the Romans left Britain, and Dr David Starkey shines a light on the Dark Ages. "Anglo-Saxon England is an extraordinarily sophisticated society" Dr David Starkey Related Articles A guide to...
Castle Fraser. Credit: Creative Commons

Scotland’s spectacular castles

Scotland is home to a host of spectacular castles. Famed for their breathtaking surroundings, they are also key to unlocking the country’s remarkable history In a nation swirling with stories of ferocious clan rivalries and battles against the...
Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace has been the official London home of the British monarch since 1837 and today is home to HM Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke of Edinburgh Step inside Buckingham Palace and discover the...
Beefeater, Tower of London

The Tower Beefeaters

Britain's Beefeaters, or Yeoman Warders, are the eyes and ears of the Tower of London. These ceremonial guardians of the Tower still swear allegiance to the monarch Who better to tell us about a life in...
houses of parliament

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

Step inside London’s most famous landmark and follow its 1,000-year journey from ancient palace to modern-day parliament It’s one of the most iconic buildings in Britain, if not the world, and the most famous part of the Houses...
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