Who was St George?

Today we celebrate St George for his gallantry and bravery, but how much do you actually know about England’s patron saint? Here are five facts.

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1. George was actually born in the late 3rd century in what is now Turkey. His father was Turkish and his mother was Palestinian.

2. In medieval times, St George’s Day was declared a national holiday and day of feasting, but when England united with Scotland at the end of the 18th century, the tradition was abandoned.

3. Traditionally, St George’s day was marked by wearing a red rose on one’s buttonhole.

4. St George, according to legend, slayed a dragon. The dragon is said to be the medieval symbol of the devil – St George was a martyr for Christianity.

5. St George is not just patron saint of England. He is also patron saint of Germany, Palestine, Ethiopia, Italy, Canada, sheep and horsemen, to name just a few.