Explore the mystical Tintagel Castle

Tintagel Castle, Cornwall. Credit: Visit Britain
Tintagel Castle, Cornwall. Credit: Visit Britain

The jagged Cornish coast is full of surprises, but none as captivating as Tintagel Castle, which has long been associated with the legend of King Arthur

For those who like the stuff of legends, this castle is steeped in history. It is set up high on the coast and today only the ruins remain.

The ruins however are spectacular. They lead you up and over the headland and its both fascinating and mind-blowing. You’ll find yourself wondering how on earth they managed to build such an establishment on such a rocky headland in the 13th century.

Most of the ruins date from this period but there are signs of a much earlier fortress too which is where the claims of Tintagel being the birthplace of King Arthur hold their roots. It was Geoffrey of Monmouth who named the castle as the place of King Arthur’s conception in the 12th century in his book Historia Regum Britanniae.

The site has changed hands over the centuries, from Roman rule to a Celtic kings but the most of the castle was built by Richard the Earl of Cornwall.

Discover more and arrange a visit: http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/tintagel-castle/