Chatsworth House & Woolroom luxury bedding: Stately sleep

Chatsworth House

The charming sheep of Chatsworth House are the stars of a new exclusive partnership between Chatsworth House and leading wool-bedding retailer, Woolroom

Words by Sarah Feeley

Sweeping down the long drive towards Derbyshire’s majestic Chatsworth House – one of 10 Treasure Houses of England – visitors are surprised and delighted to see free-roaming sheep up close. Dotted all over the grounds, highlighted against the lush green grass on which they graze, they are utterly unfazed by the crowds clamouring to take their photograph.

The Chatsworth Collection by Woolroom features luxury wool duvets, pillows, mattress protectors and toppers made using wool exclusively sourced from the Chatsworth Estate.

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Visit Chatsworth House: The greatest estate?

In a first for the bedding industry, customers can even scan a QR code to trace the wool used in their bedding back to the exact flock it came from on the Chatsworth Estate as part of Woolroom’s Wool ID programme.

Chatsworth House

“As farm manager on the Chatsworth Estate for over eight years,” says David Howlett, “I know just how incredible the wool from our 2,500-strong flock of beautiful sheep, who graze openly in parkland across the estate, is. The downs-type fleece is perfect to use in bedding due to the length and thickness of the wool fibres, and we’re really pleased to be working with Chris and the team at Woolroom on this new Chatsworth collection wool bedding.”

Woolroom managing director Chris Tattersall says: “We are delighted to be partnering with Chatsworth. I am a great admirer of this beautiful location in Derbyshire and incredibly proud to be using their high-quality wool as part of this new collection.”

Chatsworth House

Naturally hypoallergenic (approved by Allergy UK), temperature regulating, sustainable, chemical-free and machine washable, Woolroom’s wool bedding claims 25 per cent deeper and more regenerative sleep than any other fibre type, offering a sleep trial of 60 nights for sets and 30 nights for individual items.

Chatsworth House

Its luxuriously fleeced sheep are just one of many reasons to visit Chatsworth House, which has breathtaking historic interiors and has been home to 16 generations of the Cavendish family.

Why visit Chatsworth House?

The 12th Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, their son William, Earl of Burlington and his wife Laura, Countess of Burlington, share a passion for collecting contemporary art and sculpture, with many works of art displayed around the house and gardens. The estate’s grounds host events and chic on-site shops proudly sell fine local produce.

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