Spinning plates: tea with a twist at the Savoy

One of London’s most iconic hotels, the Savoy launches new Temptation Wheel menu, which matches desserts, chocolates and cocktails.

Chocolate fondue. Credit: Rebecca Naen/The Savoy

Already world famous for its afternoon tea, the Savoy‘s Thames Foyer has taken indulgence to a whole new level with the launch of its Temptation Wheel of gourmet chocolates, decadent desserts and hand-crafted cocktails.

Temptation Wheel. Credit: Rebecca Naen/The Savoy
Temptation Wheel. Credit: Rebecca Naen/The Savoy

Presented on a mahogany spinning wheel, the menu is divided into a painter’s palette of flavours. From light and fresh to rich and indulgent, each dessert has been carefully matched with a hand-made chocolate and uniquely blended cocktail. The Temptation Wheel offers guidance, but guests are also encouraged to pick the right combination to suit their mood, taste and preference.

Created by the Savoy’s executive pastry chef, Ludwig Hely, and his in-house patisserie team, the desserts combine quality ingredients with cutting-edge techniques and arrive at your table on a specially commissioned domed bell cart. Ranging from honey, caramel and cream to coffee, tobacco and fig flavours, the luxury chocolates are created in the Savoy’s glass-fronted chocolate kitchen by their award-winning chocolatiers.

A magnificent glass-domed atrium at the heart of the Savoy, the Thames Foyer is an elegant space with a wrought iron winter garden gazebo at its centre. With white linen clad tables and the tinkle of the piano in the background, one can imagine the Savoy’s illustrious guests, both past and present,  dining in such style – everyone from the Queen, who was first seen with Lt Philip Mountbatten in public at a Savoy reception, to Winston Churchill who frequently lunched with his cabinet at the hotel during the Second World War, and one feels, as a lover of fine living, would have thoroughly approved of the Temptation Wheel…

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