Scotland stays: we are a United Kingdom

The votes are in on the Scottish Referendum and the 307-year union between Scotland and England is to continue as Scotland voted to remain part of the UK.


If the Scottish Referendum has achieved anything it’s been to encourage and empower people to vote, with the turnout for yesterday’s historic vote the highest of any election in British history.

Despite a robustly fought contest between the ‘Yes’ campaign for Scottish independence and the ‘No’ campaign for Scotland to remain as part of the UK, yesterday Scotland did decide and that decision was to remain part of the UK with 55% of people voting No and 45% voting Yes.

Scottish MPs will now sit down with the British Government to discuss devolving more powers to Scotland, with new powers for tax, spending and welfare to be agreed by November. Draft legislation is expected in January 2015.

BRITAIN magazine is delighted that the Act of Union 1707, which was presided over by Queen Anne, will remain.

To celebrate view our gallery of gorgeous scenic Scotland photos.

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