Help restore Culzean Castle’s kitchen garden

culzeancastle castle palace fountain green hedge window castles culzean
Culzean Castle.

The historic kitchen garden at Culzean Castle in Carrick, Scotland, set to be restored using funds raised by the National Trust for Scotland’s US Foundation.

culzeancastle castle palace fountain green hedge window castles culzean
Culzean Castle.


The National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA has been challenged to raise $45,000 by December 2016 to support the restoration of the Walled Garden at Culzean Castle and Country Park.

One of National Trust for Scotland’s most iconic landmarks, Culzean Castle is an ancient Scottish family castle. Owned by the Kennedys, the line can be traced all the way back to Robert the Bruce, king of Scotland in 1315. And the castle has special significance for Americans due to its long association with President Eisenhower. Part of the castle was gifted to president in his lifetime as grateful thanks for his leadership of the Allies during the Second World War. He visited several times.

If successful, NTSUSA Treasurer Kennedy Richardson, whose Clan Kennedy ancestors built Culzean, will match the amount dollar-for-dollar, allowing the National Trust for Scotland to move forward with its plans to restore the landscape into a fully functioning 19th-century kitchen garden.

The vibrant space will produce fruit, vegetables, and cut flowers for use on the estate and for sale to visitors, and the garden will be transformed into a lively place for learning about heritage horticulture.

walledgarden culzean castle centre flowers bloom summer plants walled garden
The Walled Garden at the centre of the gardens of Culzean Castle

The Walled Garden

At the heart of the landscape is the Walled Garden. Laid out in 1786, the garden is used to grow plums, pears, blueberries, among other fruit. The greenhouse, built in the 19th century (very modern for its time), is the target of the National’s restorations. The design of the brick wall also has its uses: the laying of the brick is designed to keep in heat, and therefore save on costs to maintain warm temperatures.

greenhouse, castle, culzean culzeancastle
Culzean Kitchen Garden Greenhouses

Lady Ailsa’s Pleasure Garden

Adjacent to the Walled Kitchen Garden is Lady Ailsa’s Pleasure Garden. The thriving garden is full of exotic plants, creating a peaceful atmosphere. Historic bothy buildings offer an opportunity to learn more about the rich history of he castle and grounds. Designed in a Victorian fashion, the garden  provides visitors to enjoy a sunny afternoon, all made better by the colour display of the flowers.

You can help to restore the gardens by donating to the cause.

Words: Khusrau Islam

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