Photos of Kent, the Garden of England

The moat at Hever Castle, Kent. © Angela Dampier/Alamy
Beautiful Hever Castle was the childhood home of Anne Boleyn. Credit: Angela Dampier/Alamy

Take a tour of Kent’s lush valleys, which are home to moated castles, medieval manor houses, and some of our nation’s best-preserved ancient villages.

The Victorian Novelist Charles Dickens summed up the county of Kent as he saw it in The Pickwick Papers, when he wrote: “Kent, Sir – everybody knows Kent – apples, cherries, hops and women.”

Having lived in Chatham for a few years as a child and near Rochester for much of his adult life, Dickens knew Kent well and many references to the county can be found in his novels – the Kent marshes, for instance, create an atmospheric backdrop in Great Expectations.

Kent’s history has also been influenced by its proximity to the continent, the people who have travelled through it, and its relationship to London – the furthest tip of Kent is just 85 miles from the capital.

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