Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary Air Show

Battle of Britain, Second World War, air show
September Air Show Duxford Credit: Imperial War Museum

See Spitfires scramble in living history representation of crucial Second World War aerial battle at IWM Duxford.

September Air Show Duxford Credit: Imperial War Museum
The Battle of Britain Air Show will take place at IWM Duxford in September Credit: Imperial War Museum

Spitfires will take to the skies for The Battle of Britain Anniversary Air Show at IWM Duxford in September to commemorate the 75th anniversary of this crucial aerial battle.

The air show will tell the story of Duxford’s pivotal role in this famous conflict and also give visitors the chance to experience what it was like to work at RAF Duxford in 1940 with the re-creation of a Spitfire scramble during the air show.

Upon the instantly recognisable sound of a Second World War air raid siren, Hispano HA-112 MIL (Buchon) aircraft will fly in and strafe the airfield.

As a scramble bell sounds, living history interpreters representing Second World War RAF fighter pilots will race to protect this vital Battle of Britain airfield and Supermarine Spitfires chase off the enemy aircraft.

In September 1940, some 60 Spitfires and Hurricanes were dispersed every day around Duxford and Fowlmere and, on 15 September 1940, now known as ‘Battle of Britain Day’, Bader’s ŒBig Wing, operating from Duxford, twice took to the air to repulse Luftwaffe attacks aimed at London.

These extraordinary experiences and sights will give visitors to The Battle of Britain Anniversary Air Show an insight into the life and work of the Battle of Britain fighter pilots who flew from RAF Duxford.

The air show takes place on Saturday 19 September and Sunday 20 September at IWM Duxford in Cambridgeshire and tickets are only available in advance.

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