Experience autumn at Blenheim Palace gardens

blenheim palace gardens

There is no better place to experience the changing of the seasons than at Blenheim Palace gardens in Oxfordshire

Autumn is spreading its long arms over the UK and bringing with it a stunning kaleidoscope of burnt oranges, honeyed yellows and deep reds.

The rich golds of the house sparkle against the 2,000 acres of parkland which have been kissed by autumn. 

Blenheim palace gardens

Envelope yourself in the crisp outdoor air and stroll along one of the many walking trails which wind throughout the grounds. Feel the crunch of leaves beneath your feet and walk past the largest collection of ancient oak trees in Europe, dating back to pre-medieval times.

blenheim palace gardens

Not only are the colours of autumn painted in the grounds but also inside the Palace. Birthplace to Sir Winston Churchill and home to the Dukes of Marlborough since 1705, Blenheim Palace is a place filled with history. 

The palace is the only non-royal and non-episcopal country house in England to be allowed to be called a palace.

blenheim palace gardens

Step inside and feel as if you have travelled back in time. Within its walls is an extensive collection of important pieces of art, ancient tapestries and furniture. 

The Great Lake sparkles with frost in the later seasons and reflects the beautiful autumnal colours across the shivering surface.

The Blenheim Palace gardens are also home to the Column of Victory which was built in 1727 in order to commemorate the Duke of Marlborough’s military successes.

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