Moorcroft: handmade British pottery since 1897

Moorcroft Rose, Moorcroft Pottery, Staffordshire

Treat yourself to some British ceramics from established pottery Moorcroft, with designs that celebrate the treasures of Britain.

The well-known Moorcroft pottery began life in 1897 as part of ceramics company James Macintyre & Co. However, the habit of 24-year-old designer William Moorcroft to personalise each piece with his own signature or initials soon led to a rift between himself and the owner.

In 1913 William Moorcroft moved his workforce to a new factory in Sandbach Road where Moorcroft pottery is still made today. Described as the world’s best-kept secret, a visit to Moorcroft’s factory will let you see how this unique handcrafted pottery, which still demands high prices across the world, is made.

Design: Out At Sea
Designer: Kerry Goodwin
Shape: 364/8 (Height 8²/20cm) Out at Sea, Moorcroft Pottery, British ceramics
Limited Edition: 100

The briny sea spray is a fine mist on the wind. Its invigorating freshness fills your lungs and the miniscule specks of salt are left behind on your warm face and hair – such is the evocation of this lighthouse scene. In Kerry’s vision, gulls are the only border control, ensuring no seaside scrap is left unexamined. A beacon of light from the antiquated brick lighthouse beckons the town’s fishing fleet to safety.

This nostalgic nautical design is a welcome sight anytime of the year for many. The British coastline is a haven and getaway for everyone yearning the saline smells, the exciting movement of an angered ocean and the comforting wafts of fresh fish and chips of our precious harbour towns. Humble the lonely lighthouse may be, but when the time comes, it is a lifesaver for thousands of adventurers and workers who need guidance while out at sea.

Price: £525


Design: Moorcroft Rose
Designer: Kerry Goodwin Moorcroft Rose, Moorcroft Pottery, Staffordshire
Shape: 121/10 (Height 10²/25cm)
Limited Edition: 50

Welcome to the world, Moorcroft Rose, a rose that has been specially grown by Style Roses of Holbeach, Lincolnshire, for Moorcroft.

Style Roses is an established rose nursery with traditional values and high standards of plant quality. All roses are grown and carefully tended to by the family-run workforce. A brand-new collaboration with the nursery welcomes the naming of a rose in honour of Moorcroft, which is included in Kerry Goodwin’s design.

Moorcroft (Guesyearn) is a unique rose, bred by rose breeder, Maurice Guest. It is a single floribunda rose with an abundance of flowery clusters that have unusual silvery-white reverse petals. The healthy and nourished lilac petals of the Moorcroft rose open and drape within this evocative design of Kerry’s, backed with oceanic blue. The rose and the vase are equally exquisite.

Price: £565


Design: Royal Joy
Designer: Nicola Slaney Royal Joy FROM moorcroft Pottery for HRH Princess Charlotte of Cambridge
Shape: Loving Cup Height: 6²/16cm
Numbered Edition

A commemorative loving cup to celebrate the birth of the second baby of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, HRH Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

Drawn with deliberate simplicity, Nicola’s design for an extra special royal occasion brings a nostalgic air to the commemoration of a new heir.

While their Royal Highnesses, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge quite rightfully enjoy some special time getting to know their latest family addition, many others celebrate and rejoice in the arrival of a new addition to the Royal Family.

At Moorcroft, a commemorative design steps forth, in striking bold outlines, softened with delicate blushes of colour. A classic pram becomes a chariot for the new arrival and is canopied by joyous balloons and delicate leafy branches. Sealed with a precious symbol, the pram is emblazoned with a gold lustre crown.

Price: £225


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