Aerial Britain: The West Highland Way DVD

Aerial Britain: The West Highland Way

Easy access to the magnificent beauty of Scotland. AERIAL BRITAIN transports us over the highest mountain ranges, vast expanses of bleak moorland and over the haunting beauty of this ancient land’s lochs and coastline.

Aerial Britain: The West Highland Way


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The 95 mile route begins on the outskirts of Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city and takes us “along the shores of its largest loch and across the grandest moor. It follows troop paths from the 18th Century, disused railway lines from the 20th, highland cattle roads, coach roads and farm roads. It takes in the beautiful and the bleak, strenuous hikes and relaxed rambles. It traverses lowland and highland, extremes in geology, flora and fauna. It is, in short, what the romantic’s dream of Bonnie Scotland is all about.”