Diamond Jubilee Quiz answers

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When was Queen Elizabeth II coronated?

2nd April 1953
2nd May 1953
2nd June 1953
2nd July 1953

How old was The Queen at the time of her ascension?


Who was the first prime minister of The Queen’s reign?

Winston Churchill
Harold Macmillan
Clement Attlee
Sir Anthony Eden

What date was The Queen’s Diamond jubilee?

2nd April 2012
2nd May 2012
2nd June 2012
2nd July 2012

How many people worldwide watched The Queen’s Silver Jubilee procession on television in 1977?

500 million
10 million
50 million
100 million

Who was the last monarch to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee?

Elizabeth I
George III
James VI
Queen Victoria

How many hits did the Golden Jubilee website receive over a 6 month period in 2002?

1 million
28 million
8 million
100 million

Which of these was NOT an event to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee?

River Pageant on the Thames
Buckingham Palace Concert
Celebrity talent show
A nationwide Big Lunch

How many beacons will The Queen be lighting throughout the UK and the Commonwealth to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee?


What did Queen Elizabeth (then Princess Elizabeth) train as in the Auxiliary Territorial Service during the Second World War?

A nurse
Radar Operator
A clerk
A mechanic

As a child, what was the affectionate nickname bestowed upon The Queen by her close family?


How old was Queen Elizabeth II when she made her first ever radio broadcast?


The Queen’s coronation gown was embroided with floral emblems of the Commonwealth countries but what is the floral emblem of Scotland?

The Thistle
The Rose
The Silver Fern
The Shamrock

Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in Westminster Abbey. How many queens have been crowned in the Abbey in their own right?


Which of the following events did NOT happen during The Queen’s “annus horribilis” (horrible year) of 1992?

Protestors threw eggs at her
Princess Anne divorced Cpt Mark Philips
There was a fire at Windsor Castle
Her pet corgie died

Which Beatles track did Paul McCartney open with during the Diamond Jubilee concert at Buckingham Palace?

Magical Mystery Tour
Come Together
Her Majesty
All you need is Love

The Jubilee Line of the London Underground was renamed as such to commemorate the Queen’s silver jubilee. What was its former name?

Westminster Line
Strand Line
Fleet Line
Bond Line

Who was The Queen’s uncle who abdicated the throne, leaving her the heiress presumptive?

Edward VIII
George VI
Edward VII
George V

On what occasion did The Queen say: “I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service”?

Her coronation
Her Silver jubilee
Her wedding
Her 21st birthday

The Queen became the first Sovereign in over 200 years to accede while abroad. Where was she at the time of her father’s death?