Wimbledon Quiz Answers

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The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club was founded in 1868, originally as ‘The All England Croquet Club’. Offwhich road in Wimbledon was its first ground situated?

Wimpole Street
Worple Road
Wilton Crescent
Wombles Way

In the spring of 1877 the Club was re-titled ‘The All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club’ and signalled its change of name by instituting the first Lawn Tennis Championship. A new code of laws was drawn up for the meeting. The only event held in 1877 was the Gentlemen’s Singles. Who won that event?

Fred Perry
Bobby Riggs
Spencer Gore
Norman Brookes

In what year did the Club moved to the present site, in Church Road?


In 1884 the Ladies’ Singles was inaugurated. From an entry of 13 players, who became the first champion?

Helen Willis Moody
Lottie Dod
Maud Watson
Suzanne Lenglen

What was the surname of the British twins Ernest and William who, separately and as doubles partners, won 13 titles between 1881 and 1889?


In 1897 the legendary Doherty brothers began a ten-year rule of the courts. What were their first names?

Eddie and David
George and Mildred
Hugh and Laurie
Laurie and Reggie

By the turn of the century Wimbledon had assumed an international character and in 1905 a tennis player from the United States became the first Champion from overseas, when she won the Ladies’ Singles. What was her name?

Billie Jean King
Helen Wilis Moody
Lena Rice
May Sutton

The years from 1934 to 1937 were a golden era for British tennis, when a total of 11 titles were captured, including three singles in succession by which player?

Fred Perry
Herbert Lawford
John Hartley
Wilfred Baddeley

In December that year the Annual Meeting of the LTA voted overwhelmingly to admit players of all categories to Wimbledon and other tournaments in Britain. In 1968, Rod Laver and Billie Jean King became the first Wimbledon Open Champions. What was the total prize money that year?


In 1980 which player became the first player to win the Gentlemen’s Singles five times in the post-challenge round era; a feat replicated by Roger Federer between 2003 and 2007.

Bjorn Borg
Jimmy Connors
John McEnroe
Pat Cash

In 1985, which player, aged 17, became the youngest player, the first unseeded player and the first German to win the Gentlemen’s Singles.

Andre Agassi
Boris Becker
Goran Ivanisecvic
Stefan Edberg

Which tennis player attained the all-time record of nine victories in the event in 1990?

Billy Jean King
Martina Navratilova
Pete Sampras
Stefi Graf


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