Lottery cash secured to repair HMS Warrior

HMS Warrior receives £2.6million from the Heritage Lottery Fund to secure the future of historic Navy warship, HMS Warrior


HMS Warrior, one of the most influential warships ever built and one of the star attractions at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, has been awarded £2.6million by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The funding will go towards the HMS Warrior Preservation Trust to undertake vital repair works, including conservation of the ship’s watertight junctions, which have deteriorated to a point which places the ship’s future at significant risk. The complex and skilled work required will take place in sections over the next two years and will safeguard both the ship and ongoing public access.


Carole Souter, Chief Executive of HLF, said: “When she was built, HMS Warrior was at the forefront of marine technology, a symbol of the UK’s immense naval prowess. This Lottery grant will ensure she is safeguarded for future generations to explore and will give today’s visitors the opportunity to better understand her role in our rich naval heritage.”

Stern-view-KCA Victorian powerhouse, launched in 1860, HMS Warrior was the pride of Queen Victoria’s notorious Black Battle fleet. The world’s first iron-hulled, armoured warship, she was the largest, fastest and most powerful ship of her day. In the 1980s she was fully restored before being towed into Portsmouth Dockyard and opened to visitors.

These restoration works are part of a wider £3.6m project ‘HMS Warrior 1860 – Revealing the Secrets of Shipwrights and Sailors’. The project will also digitise the archival collections and enhance the visitor experience to the ship with exciting new interpretation.

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