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We follow the torch as it travels across Britain’s beautiful countryside, towns and villages, meeting some of the inspirational torchbearers along the way.

Discover our favourite London 2012 Festival events. More than 12,000 performances and events will take place all over the UK – enjoy our pick of the best.



Britain’s beautiful gardens – if all the Olympic action becomes too much, relax in Britain’s best gardens, from the tranquillity of Highgrove to the impressive landscapes of Stowe.

Must-see monuments in the latest issue of BRITAIN magazine we visit the 12 must-see monuments from Burgh Castle to the Glenelg Brochs.

Nottinghamshire from its ice age mysteries to a legendary hero this pretty region has some very special secrets to share.

British Style our greatest designers adorn the finest homes the world over, but where did it all start? We explore the past, the present and the future of Britain’s finest furniture makers.

Liverpool is making its modern-day mark with world-class museums, galleries and theatres as well as a wealth of stunning architecture.

Exploring Britain we discover the buildings and the backdrops that have inspired some of the country’s greatest artists.

British History a story shrouded in mystery or historic fact…? We uncover the true tale behind the Princes in the Tower.

Britain’s Jacobean Houses built as a celebration and demonstration of wealth and with a unique fascination and appeal, join us as we go inside Britain’s best Jacobean houses.

PLUS: What to do, where to go and what to buy in Britain.

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