Face of the angels at Salisbury

Angel Gabriel Salisbury

Salisbury Cathedral has recently welcomed back the Angel Gabriel, one of eight beautiful angel heads sculpted by Emily Young and enjoyed by many thousands of visitors to Salisbury Cathedral last winter.

Angel Gabriel statue

The sculpture is now installed in the cloister garden, underneath the cedar trees looking up towards the Cathedral’s soaring spire. It was part of the final and most spectacular temporary art installation in the series celebrating the cathedral’s 750th anniversary year, sculpted from the same Purbeck stone as the cathedral itself and positioned on a bronze plinth. Says Canon Treasurer, Mark Bonney, “It’s really wonderful to have the Angel Gabriel back on a permanent basis now in the Cathedral in the cloister garden, where his calm aspect adds to the serenity of the surroundings.”

Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral has the tallest spire in the UK, as well as the largest cloister and the largest cathedral close. One of our favourite views of it is from the Town Path, which runs across the water meadows between Salisbury and the suburb of Harnham – it’s somewhere near here that English artist Constable painted his famous Salisbury Cathedral From The Meadows, in 1831, now at the National Gallery in London. To learn more about this fabulous cathedral and the city of Salisbury at the heart of Wiltshire, look out for the next issue of BRITAIN magazine, October/November 2009.