CLOSED: WIN a luxury cottage break with Holiday Lettings

Win a stay at a holiday cottage of your choice* and make your British break one to remember

Holiday Lettings is host to more than 15,500 holiday cottages, farmhouses and apartments in Britain ranging from the romantic to the grand and spacious sleeping large families and groups of friends. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

They offer more than 60,000 villas, apartments, gîtes and condos all personally owned and presented for private rental. Every home you rent through Holiday Lettings is unique, because it’s a home not a mono hotel room.
The enormous choice of accommodation available on Holiday Lettings includes both the traditional and the contemporary, even the unusual. From stone farmhouses and beamed cottages, to converted windmills, towers and treehouses!
Enjoy the privacy, space and flexibility of your very own home away from home. Curl up in front of the fire, let the dog roam around the garden, feed the kids whenever you need to, eat in or eat out – just some of the benefits of a holiday cottage that you have all to yourself.
Although there are rarely chambermaids or concierges available when you rent a holiday home, you’re still on holiday. So, relax – the kids can make their own beds! This kind of holiday provides the comforts of home without the pressures. It’s a time to kickback, share the load and enjoy your time together. There are few better ways to discover a new destination either – it’s time to live like a local. Follow the locals to where they buy groceries, taste local delicacies, try out bars and restaurants favoured by the locals. Ask them for their tips on the best beaches and country walks.

Millions of people take a holiday cottage break every year – what are you waiting for!